Thursday, 10 April 2014

Post production work!!!

Hi all, Today I just want to have a quick chat about post production work, or work that needs to be done after the photograph has been taken.
Many people think that no work needs to be done but I can assure you that all photographs can be improved with a little post production work.
There are several products out there that you can do this work with after you have loaded your photographs onto your computer. The favourites are programmes like Photoshop and lightwave. For portraiture Portrait Professional is another good programme that is quite inexpensive too.
For the majority of people Photoshop elements (a basic version of Photoshop) is more than enough to make any adjustments required.
Usual things that will need some adjustments may include levels, curves, sharpness, and removal of any dust spots that may be present.
When it comes to portraiture people prefer to not have any blemishes, spots, zits etc and these programmes enable the photographer to remove them.
Those models on  glossy magazine covers don't actually look that perfect in real life you know.

Ok we will take a shot that has come straight from Raw file and saved as a jpg.

If we open this shot in PS and then look at the menu that runs along the top of of the screen in PS, Click on image then drop down to adjustments. From here, click auto levels. This is Photoshops best guess at what the scene should look like and a lot of the time it is pretty much on the money as can be seen here.
As you can see the colours are richer and deeper and the whole image has been enhanced with a few simple clicks of a mouse.
As and extreme example of portrait work below you can see an image straight from camera and the after shot shows what extremes can be got from a dull image.
 I wouldn't normally take an image that far in processing but it gives you an idea of what can be done.
Well I hope this has been of a little help to somebody, any questions please feel free to ask.
Cheers Bagsta.